April 7, 2015

March 20, 2012

First Autumn Day of 2012. I'm so happy!
Why is it so warm?

Si controlase el mundo,

cada día sería el primer día de primavera,

cada corazón tendría una nueva canción que cantar,

y cantaríamos a la alegría que nos traería cada amanecer.

Si controlase el mundo,

cada hombre sería libre como los pájaros

cada voz podría escucharse

te lo prometo, agradeceríamos cada día que pasase.

Mi mundo sería un lugar maravilloso

donde tejeríamos sueños tan fantásticos...

Mi mundo llevaría una sonrisa en la cara

al igual que el hombre y la luna cuando ella brilla.

Si controlase el mundo,

cada persona sentiría al mundo como su amigo

habría una felicidad que nadie podría destruir,

no amigo mío, no si yo contralase el mundo.

Se sostendría alto cada mano,

en el cielo habría sol para todos,

si ese día amanece

controlaré el mundo.

Se sostendría alto cada mano

cada estrella brillaría para todos

si ese día amanece

controlaré el mundo

February 5, 2012

One Man Band

Now I will talk about a short film by Disney and Pixar Animated Studios.

I love animated films. Since I was a child I watched Disney movies and later I followed Pixar animations. Beyond the stories of princesses and adventures I like the spirit of these companies.

In this case, Pixar was created in 1986 by Steve Jobs and his team. They started making shorts films working with, in those times, advanced digital technology (including 3D), and their first movie was “Toy Story” in 1995.

“One Man Band” is about a peasant girl how encounters two competing street performers who want her coin, a coin to make a wish at the fountain in the square. She is caught in the middle of a musical duel between the “one man bands”.

The first musician is playing boring without audience, and then, a sophisticated newcomer takes advantage on girl care, how is the only person in the square. They both try desperately to win the girl coin. At the end the coin is lost and the girl takes a violin of one of one musicians and start to play for some coins that surprisingly she receives, and in a very fun way she takes revenge throwing two coins to the fountain.

I love this short film, I think it have a special strategy to express without words, only music.

My green experience

I like green culture. When I was a child I wanted to be part of Greenpeace, because I always watched on TV what they did for help the environment. Someday, I read a critic about Greenpeace’s media control… I think that I was a little disappointed, but then I Thought that in any case they helped to nature and I respected that, nevertheless I wasn’t going to participate in the ONG.

I've never had bad habits, but recently I figured out that I never had an ecological education. So, I think I have to learn by myself how to contribute to the environment. I know it isn’t complicated, in fact, things as “turn off the light” or “don’t waste water”, I practice them everyday. But the way to recycle things or plant trees, etc., I would rather learn to apply them. As I said, it isn’t difficult, I just have to spend time to do it. But my problem is when?...

Anyway, I don’t ride on bike often but I like it and I will try to use it more. What I really love is walk and run! If university wasn’t too far of my house, I would be glad to go everyday on bike or walking.

I think that Santiago doen’t have ecologic culture, and it could be an amazing green capital, but all depends on people. People could be even more happy and relax.

In the future I would like live in a place plenty of nature… I love green!

¨A Darwinian Theory of Beauty?¨by Denis Duton

Denis Duton (1944 - 2010), philosopher of art, talks about an interesting theory of beauty. He confers about a new perspective of how to think beauty in culture.

He starts saying that we have to explain our tastes and what we think about “beauty” taking a look to the past, against the general thinking that explains beauty as cultural heritage which we learn since we born or the typical sentence “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

He says beauty is an experience useful for evolution to make decisions to survival based on our interest, affinity and attraction. It’s a kind of radar looking for what gives us pleasure and what is good for us.

About beauty on art works he refers to prehistory to explains that the stone tools made fourteen million years ago whose could have been used to hunt, it was actually aesthetics objects valued by its craftsmanship, sign of intelligence and skills, aspects which raised their social and reproductive status. This technique was used to create art works (paintings, music, movies, dance) and to express emotions , this establish that we have found as beauty since beginning of human times was work well done, capacity and tates for that.

This theory makes perfect sense to me, I had not heard it before and is nice to know about beauty studies ... it’s a never ends topic. Beyond that its right or wrong , indeed I like the idea that beauty is a remaining capacity into our minds, because it’s a opportunity to think about art.

January 26, 2012

The last exhibition I went.

I go to few exhibitions in did. I would like go to much galleries and museums but really I don’t make me the necessary time for it because I prefer do many other things. Maybe when I finish my career often I will go to exhibitions often.

The last exhibition I went it was on November, a day when I was near to the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral and I seized the opportunity to see what were on exhibition. It was entitled “INFORME PAIS”, where twelve visual artists, Chileans, Argentines, Peruvian and Bolivian, explored the concept “imagen-país”.

I found it very interesting because it’s a very contingent matter that has much to say since some years ago. It was attractive to see how the art works talks with different and international points of view.

I think that this art works were very ingenious, it was made for this exhibition specially, where it showed different techniques, photography, installations, paintings, audiovisual,; a kind of conceptual art that made a critic to the country, in geographical, cultural and social terms. It talked about the imaginary that we create about our country can be an unconscious fictional speech that we believe in, but in fact it’s very very fragile because in any moment an earthquake can snatch and destroy a big part of the geography, and protests or social demands can create crisis on social systems (as the general protest of students).

I think I enjoy it, specially because I didn’t went to some exhibition in looooooong time. I hope in the future go to more exhibitions :)

January 25, 2012

The Guardian talks about The 360 Project

In the culture section of The Guardian webpage, there is an article about “The 360 degree dance project” by Judith Mackrell (the Guardian dance critic). I chose this one because I knew about this project some time ago and I became interested for it very much. I like this kind of projects and creative ideas, where several disciplines can be mixed to get a innovative product which can be useful for many others ideas, to make them grow. For me there are great inspiration sources.

At first, this article relate Degas art of dancers and three-dimensional photography of Francois Willème with the work of Eadweard Muybridge, who capture the movement by stop-motion;all this as a kind of precedent for what Ryan Enn Hughes has been doing.

He put into practice technology of digital photography, audiovisual, editing, design, for make portraits in movement of ballet dancers and hip hop dancers with a 360 degree view.

The author is interested in how this project shows specific moments of the body which it get more intense and can express “a sense of intensity and immediacy” by the capture. It is like an explosion of energy that the movement of the body dancing can reflect. That’s because the author think that as Degas, this project managed the vivid expression of movement.

Read the article: " Flash moves: the 360 degree dance project "

BALLET 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.